This is a medicine and healthcare product delivery app where you can order medicine at discounted price and it is currenty availabe in Aurangabad Bihar but in future we expand it to other City.

Mobile ready

This is very usefull app for those who is living in rural urban or semi urban areas and in this app many more feature is upcomming that you can use in your daily life.

An app for Each
& Everyone

This is very usefull app for those people who dont want to go to medical store and for those who dont want to buy medicine at high price. here niroga help you to do such things.




People Appreciate this App



Niroga APP features

Easy to use

This app has easy user inerface for that user can easy understand about the app.

Medicine & Healthcare

In this app you can order medicine as well as heathcare products easily.

Modern Ui Design

This app has morden and unique design and easy to use.

Doctors Information

In this app you can get the information about the local docators and hospital

Doctors Appointment

In this app you can easily book appointment to doctor at home it is very easy and time and money saving.